Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development is one of the biggest trends in DevOps, and for good reason. Agencies purchasing solutions like ServiceNow or Splunk aren’t just buying IT helpdesks; they’re buying development platforms that can help tie together different pieces of the organization. These platforms allow for cloud-based development that can modernize in-house applications and systems and tie them into a larger organizational infrastructure that’s designed to work together. Agile processes are meant to be iterative and collaborative. They rely on small, iterative changes from a range of stakeholders that can enable an organization to build things that serve the needs of multiple departments.

Agile Dev Ops

The Agile methodology has gained traction due to its flexibility and ability to generate self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Invertsys has brought the Agile methodology to DevOps through mature processes supporting overall Quality Assurance, Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control, Measurement and Analysis, and Risk Management. All software development projects we execute follow these processes and are audited by the independent QA team.

Legacy Application Modernization

Is your team looking to modernize its legacy applications? Invertsys has helped its clients develop strategic roadmaps to modernize legacy applications and integrate them to operate on a common technology platform and architecture.

Systems Integration

Are you looking to integrate a new site, a new application, or a new workflow into your existing system? Invertsys has helped its clients as they built and deployed new sites and applications using agile guiding principles to ensure data integrity and system operation in accordance with user expectations.

Cloud-based Development

Did your agency just purchase a cloud-based platform like Splunk or ServiceNow and are looking to develop unique applications for your new platform? Trust Invertsys to help you develop new, cloud-based apps to suit your needs and perform the testing and validation needed to integrate your new cloud-based applications into existing systems.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

As your team begins to adopt agile development workflows, bring this methodology to your software development lifecycle with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). While SDLC focuses on software development, ALM brings a more comprehensive approach that includes the governance, development, maintenance, and decommissioning of software that lets your team deliver new features continuously.

Waterfall to Agile Transition

Is your team looking to move from waterfall development processes to an agile workflow? The experts at Invertsys can help your team learn to create sprints instead of tasks and schedules, create lists of deliverables for the sprints, and create a process to review deliverables at the end of a sprint, keeping the project stakeholders engaged throughout the process. Trust the experts at Invertsys to help your team learn the differences between the two methodologies and help you and your team make a successful transition.