Cloud Resident Architect

Cloud Resident Architect will provide customer resident architect(s) to support customer’s complex technology initiatives, help customer to build and execute customer’s technology roadmap, and streamline customer’s access to AWS services subject matter experts. For this engagement, the AWS resident architect(s) may advise and assist the customer in the following areas:

  • Cloud Consultation Services
  • Platform Engineering Support
  • Operations Support
  • Cloud Migration Support.
Cloud Consultation Services

Advise and assist Customers by providing cloud consultations to conduct current and future-state assessments, provide architectural guidance, identify target environments and applications to migrate, provide total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis, build cloud roadmaps, support organizational realignment, define training needs, and advise on costs

Platform Engineering Support

AWS Resident Architect will advise Customer on general best practices for architecting on AWS, which may include general best practices applicable to Customer’s identified use case(s) on AWS (Containers, Cloud Native Design).  AWS Resident Architect may advise and assist Customers with:

  1. General review of conceptual architectural models on AWS, which may include review of Customer’s constraints and dependencies, suggest to Customer potential alternatives and help Customer build an associated evaluation criteria.  
  2. Developing consistent governance and approaches to meet compliance requirements, while enabling users to deploy approved IT services.
  3. Developing mechanisms to track cost, performance, security, compliance and operational status at the application level.
  4. Building tools and automation to manage pre-approved IT services for use on AWS.
  5. Developing secure, repeatable, and federated control of access to data, tooling, and compute power.
  6. Automating the creation of baseline research setups to include simplifying data access and providing price transparency.
  7. Designing and developing management tools for registry, orchestration, and compute. To include developing mechanisms to securely store and manage container images, orchestration that manages when and where containers run, and flexible compute engines to power containers for either Docker or Kubernetes.
Operations Support

AWS Resident Architect will advise and assist Customer with reviewing Customer’s current architecture, dependencies and opeResident Architectural requirements on AWS.  

AWS Resident Architect may advise and assist Customer with:

  1. Developing tools and automation to minimize manual operations and cResident Architect repeatable processes.
  2. Providing best practices to technology evaluation and re-engineering teams to support continuous process improvement activities.
  3. Developing architecture diagrams, identifying and recommending service components, conducting well-architected reviews, and preparing and reviewing system documentation.
Cloud Migration Support
  1. AWS Resident Architect will advise and assist Customer on portfolio discovery and analysis activities and advise on workloads best suited for cloud migration.
  2. AWS will make recommendations on application cloud migration strategies (i.e., re-host, re-platform, refactor, replace, retire, repurchase) based on technical and business requirements.