Data Lakes and Analytics

We offer to build a multi-tenant enterprise data platform through shared elastic data lake storage, enabling our customers to have enterprise data platform capabilities on AWS that drive collaboration and sharing, operational simplicity, and cost savings. The data platform’s goals are to:

  1. Enable better decision-making for everyone
  2. Unlock the hidden value of data
  3. Provide easy access to all data, subject to access rules
Our services include
  1. Building and implementing data lake infrastructure, providing access to users
  2. Building and implementing ingestion orchestration pipelines, including the creation of S3 buckets and ingesting data from real-time streaming and offline data
  3. Building and implementing data cataloging using AWS Data Catalog and data transformation using AWS Glue, AWS EMR, Lambda, AWS Batch, AWS Sagemaker, and other relevant tools
  4. Building and implementing a data serving layer using S3 or Redshift warehouse
  5. Building data visualization using Athena and AWS Quicksight
  6. Building a logging, monitoring, governance, and auditing framework for data lakes.