Modernization applications using Containers and AWS Serverless

We offer services to build AWS EKS/ECS clusters using Terraform, CloudFormation, or CDK and migrate applications to microservice containers hosted in EKS. We also provide services to convert traditional applications to serverless, leveraging AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, and Amazon EventBridge. Under the serverless model, many organizations adopt an event-driven architecture (EDA) to create highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications. EDA is often referred to as “asynchronous” communication, which means that the sender and recipient don’t have to wait for each other to move on to their next task. Systems are not dependent on that one message.

Our specific services include
  • Building EKS clusters and installing addons
  • Converting legacy applications into Docker images
  • Developing Helm templates to deploy applications in EKS
  • Discovering traditional applications and creating a strategy to convert them to serverless
  • Designing target architecture using serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, AWS EventBridge, DynamoDB, S3, and API Gateway, among others
  • Building and deploying infrastructure as code/Docker images using CI/CD